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The CPU repeatedly wrote that successfully invested in bitcoins, you can break a good jackpot, but many people become crypto-millionaires prevented by a lack of practical information on the topic. We decided to fill this gap and first to understand how and where to buy bitcoin.

The path of everyone who decided to touch the bitcoins with their own hands should start on the official currency site bitcoin.org, where you will first be informed about its main properties high volatility and impossibility of cancellation of transactions, and will enlighten that rumors about the anonymity of bitcoins are greatly exaggerated.

After reading all these extremely important information, you can move on to choosing a bitcoin-purse, which are of three types: software (installed on a computer), mobile (respectively, on the phone) and web purses. In this case, the owners of iPhones in order to join the ecosystem bitcoin, will have to sweat, because Tim Cook’s company mercilessly cuts out of the AppStore all applications, wallets. But there are some options, especially for jailbroken devices, nevertheless.

After all the preparatory procedures have been done, you, in theory, can finally become a happy owner of the same amount of crypto currency. But how to do it?

Where to get bitcoin

If you do a small ricer, it becomes clear that the easiest way to buy bitcoins is to use the services of a startup Coinbase, which recently raised $ 25 million from Andreessen Horowitz. Everything works quite simply – create an account, link it to a bank account, and finally buy crypto-munks.

Due to the fact that Coinbase is not actually a stock exchange, the amount of bitcoins that can be bought through the service can not be counted, but the existing restrictions – an entry-level user (“A”) can not buy / sell more than 10 BTC per day – allude to the fact that there are still problems with this. However, for Russian users this all does not really matter, because with domestic banks Coinbase does not work yet.

Bitcoin-exchanges are more real for Russians of options for buying BTC. There are a lot of them, and some are quite suitable for users from Russia. For example, on the BTC-E exchange it is possible to buy bikoins, lightcoins and other virtual currencies. You can replenish your ruble account via Webmoney, QIWI, LiqPay or bank transfer, and the withdrawal methods are even greater – up to the delivery of the case with the cache to the specified address.

Commission for replenishment up to 5%, in the withdrawal can be all 6 %, plus there are limits on the minimum amount for the conclusion to be possible at all.

The exchange has an interesting observation: despite all the decentralized currency of bitcoin, the trading platforms themselves are physically located in one country or another, and the course for they are often quite different I. It would seem that if everything happens on the Internet, you can get a good deal on the difference in rates, but in order to make money on Mt. Gox in Tokyo, BitStamp in Slovenia and China’s BTC China, you will need to pay such a volume of various commissions that the idea itself becomes not so attractive.

Another option to get hold of bitcoins is special exchangers like ALFAcashier.com or 24change. Specifically in this exchanger, customers of several domestic banks can transfer money directly to their bitcoin-purse directly from the card.

The commission with 20,000 rubles will be 1k, from 30,000 – 1.5k, which is not too little, frankly.

If Do not want to resort to the services of intermediaries, then you can find people who have bitcoins, and buy the currency from them directly . Of course, in such a situation, the risk of meeting scammers increases many-fold, and there is simply no guarantee that you will be given bitcoins after sending money.
But, of course, the most suitable way for a startup to get hold of a crypto currency is to include it in the list of means of payment for their services. Example: recently the opportunity to pay bills by bitcoins was realized by the network of Killfish bars.

More the theory that will help to do this in your company is presented in our wonderful post about the possibilities and risks of using bitcoin

Bonus method . If you believe the Western press, certain opportunities for obtaining bitcoins for different pieces can be found on eBay.

The main risk of selling bitcoins on eBay was for the time being considered the fact that once transactions in this currency are irreversible, there is no way to prevent the situation when the buyer, having received bitcoins, later complains to PayPal, saying that he did not see his purchase in the eye, and that, in turn, will roll back the deal, depriving the seller of money. One guy so lost a couple of thousand bucks.

And now a certain Roger Hughes, who wanted to sell the crypto currency (though, lightcoins), was concerned about how to protect himself. As a result, he turned in support of eBay, and there he was given an interesting tip – to sell the crypto currency in bundle with some physical goods, such as a flash drive, which will be delivered to the buyer in hand. After receiving the goods, he can not say that he was deceived, and PayPal will not have any special reasons to cancel the transaction.

If you deliver the goods physically and can confirm the fact of dispatch, then the PayPal action to protect sellers will apply. [19659019] Thus, an ad on eBay with text such as “USB flash drive with a free lightcode purse” or “Free bitcoin-purse on a USB flash drive”, for which, in fact, it is necessary to pay, may well ride.

Another way Released bitcoins appeared literally a few hours n Azad: it’s enough to crack Pavel Durov’s correspondence in his Telegram messenger.

That’s all, if you know any ways of getting bitcoins (other than mining, of course) that were not mentioned in the text – share in comments.


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