The article deals with actual aspects and trends in the development of mobile marketing in the retail trade. An example of successful implementation of mobile marketing technologies (tools) as a mobile application is presented on the basis of the loyalty program “Amber Card”. On the basis of the audit of the mobile application, recommendations are given on the development of the direction of mobile marketing of the projects “Miracle shop of Russian cuisine” Dobryanka “and” Supermarket of home food “Bahetle.”


The Research article presents actual aspects and trends in the development of mobile marketing in the retail trade. An example of successful implementation of mobile marketing technologies (tools) as a mobile application is presented on the basis of “Amber Card” loyalty program. On the basis of the audit of the mobile application, “Baker”, “Miracle shop of Russian cuisine”, “Dobryanka” and “Supermarket of home food”.

Keywords: mobile marketing, mobile application, loyalty program.

Every year there is an increase in the number of mobile phone users and mobile Internet. In 2017, the number of mobile subscribers amounted to 4 billion 800 million people. By 2020, the number of mobile phone users will increase to 5 billion 700 million [5]. The fastest growing audience on smartphones: as of the end of March 2017, 46% of the country’s population go to the Internet from smartphones – an increase of 15% per year [9]. We can say that now and in the long term, the relevance of the development of mobile marketing is very high. The mobile application also increases the time it takes to use the mobile phone, which increases the number of advertising contacts with the audience.

Mobile applications, in addition to their basic functionality, are now an effective tool for promoting and stimulating sales in mobile marketing, which becomes an alternative to BTL events.

SMS-informing , as well as push notifications, which are subjected to mass mailing, have a high level of focus on the target audience, as in the process of creating a working base, to cycles are filtered according to various criteria, for example, by gender.

Display advertising is actively used, since it is easier for mobile device users to perceive and store visual content in the form of graphic graphics and video clips.

Contextual advertising in adapted browsers for format mobile phone is also one of the effective tools of mobile marketing. In most cases, the mobile phone browser is used to perform a more accurate search and obtain the most satisfying issuance request. Therefore, it becomes possible to formulate specific unique trade offers in mobile contextual advertising that will increase the number of conversions to the target audience, which in the future will perform some action (filling out the feedback form, ordering) after going to the site or lending.

In mobile marketing, there is also an integration process, which consists in the introduction of business in instant messengers (WhatsApp, Viber. Telegram) and in social networks (Vkontakte, Classmates, Instagram, Face book). Some companies start using chat bots in instant messengers that can perform the functions and responsibilities of an operator or consultant on standard customer requests.

The development of the mobile application industry in mobile marketing is of particular importance and importance, as the number of users not only of the Internet , but also the number of users of instant messengers and social networks, which, for convenience and speed of accessibility, most often use mobile versions of sites, and download applications on the marathons. Thus, there is a transition of users from stationary computers to mobile devices.

The following trends are defining that are crucial for mobile marketing for 2018:

  1. Continuing the process of integration of offline and online environments:

– encouraging buyers to make purchases via the Internet . Go to online shopping. This direction will transfer customers from ordinary stores to specialized branded mobile applications, online stores and services.

-Visual search and image recognition will be another feature for the development of mobile marketing among retailers.

-AR and QR codes also will reduce the search time via mobile devices.

  1. Ephemeral content (disappearing content) – video messages on social networks that are shared within 24 hours, after which the content is deleted. These publications foster interest in the audience and gain a high number of views due to its exclusivity.
  2. Augmented reality. One of the newest and most technological directions in the development of mobile marketing. An example of augmented reality, which is already used by marketers, is encrypted video messages on some static media (magazine, leaflet, menu in the restaurant).

While downloading a certain application, the user guides the smartphone camera to standard media and can view video clip on your mobile device.

  1. Voice Assistant. The rhythm of the population’s life becomes more intense and in order to minimize the time to search for necessary information through the smartphone, and to activate any applications, voice assistants (Siri, Alisa) are starting to use it.
  2. There are many opportunities to reduce the negative about advertising on mobile devices, and one way to do this is to create a customer database that allows marketers to make real-time decisions about the promotion of products for a specific hour

For example, some advanced marketers in the retail and services industry are beginning to apply machine learning to synthesize data on CRM, behavioral and social conditions, and the location of users to create more accurate customer IDs. Such platforms are especially important for the integration of digital and physical experience [4].

In general, it can be concluded that the sphere of mobile marketing and the digital direction is rapidly developing, deeply penetrating the everyday life of the user of the mobile device

An example of successful implementation of mobile marketing technologies (tools) in the form of a mobile application based on the affiliate loyalty program “Amber Card

In order that in a practical example, lnost efficiency and deployment of mobile applications in business, we have analyzed the application “Amber Card”

“Amber Card” -.. is an affiliate bonus loyalty program

The program is a long-term and open to all customers. The card allows participants to get discounts and accumulate special bonuses – “amber rubles”, which can be paid for on the next purchases.

Program partners:

– BAHETLE supermarket of home food chain;

– The network of shops and food courts of Russian cuisine “DOBRIANKA”;

– Chain of stores “CORRECT BEER”;

– Network of pharmacies “CAPITAL DOCTOR”;

– Chain of stores “PIVNAYA DACHA”


The user interface of the” Amber Card “application includes the following tabs. Figure 1 shows the main menu of the application where you can check your personal data, the card number, as well as read the terms of the privilege program and choose the necessary options such as:

-card number of the card that you present at the checkout, and By using this function, you can lock your card. This section of the menu is shown in Figure 2,

-actions, the section of which is shown in Figure 3. With this tab, we will be able to get acquainted with all current and current shares of the partners of the loyalty program “Amber Card”;

messages, in this section will list all your system messages;

-partners section includes a list of all partners of the loyalty program “Amber Card” and is shown in Figure 4. Also in this section there is an option when clicking on which opens a map of the locality with the location you

-The shopping history tab will display a list of your purchases made in the partner institutions of the program when using your unique card;

-in the shopping list section, you can add and delete the planned purchases selected in the section “Shares.”

In analyzing the interface of the mobile application “Amber Card” we have identified the following advantages:

-Quick online registration. Free mobile card;

-Map in your smartphone – convenient to save, spend;

-View the list and history of purchases, as well as the balance of accumulated amber rubles;

-Information about current promotions and personal offers;

-Active link to the site of the application that opens without going to the browser;

-The opportunity to make an Instant call to the info center, and also write to the chat room for communication with the info center.

The drawbacks include technical problems in the form of SMS message delay registration in the loyalty program “Amber Card”, as well as the absence of push notifications when entering or ending the validity period of shares, receiving system messages and various reminders of the purchase.

The above advantages of the application provide the buyer with convenience in using the program, about the possibilities of the bonus program, and also replace standard advertising media in the form of catalogs on the section in the mobile application, where the shares of all program partners are indicated.

Recommendations for the development of the direction of mobile marketing projects “Chocolate shop of Russian cuisine” Dobryanka “and” Supermarket of home food “Bakhetle”

According to the results of the audit of the mobile application “Yantarnaya Karta”, the following can be singled out as recommendations for the development of the mobile direction: 19659026] For better maintenance of content in social networks, it is required to form a competent content-plan. This plan should consist of certain categories that will be reflected in the news topics. It is necessary to determine the exact time for the news release. Also, content, where the visual component plays the main role, should not be heavier with a long description. Therefore, it is worthwhile to maintain different content on different social media sites, while maintaining a unified strategy.

  • Targeted and contextual advertising will allow to gather the audience on the right sites such as single-site websites (created to promote a particular product, service or event) site organization and social networks. Also, this method of promotion will increase the number of contacts between the consumer and the brand, which will help memorize the advertised object in the minds of potential buyers.
  • Mobile advertising in the form of push notification will promptly stimulate sales. This type of promotion will be useful for advertising products with daily updates, such as breakfasts, lunches, etc.
  • A branded site, adapted for mobile devices, will allow placing in one resource all the necessary information that buyers and partners are looking for. This type of resource is a visiting card of any organization and must be competently developed with all marketing recommendations regarding site filling.
  • Attracting brand leaders of opinion, bloggers and other referents to the brand advertising will help to increase the reliability as the goods of this brand. This way of promotion can motivate people to make a purchase, as they trust the referent and his choice, and also want to be in a trend and experience the usefulness of a particular product. For the development of mobile marketing, this type of promotion will contribute to the formation of video content, which is actively gaining popularity in the process of viewing it through smartphones.
  • The work with feedback should go to the fastest possible lines, so that the consumer was instantly heard and satisfied with the received the answer to your response. Despite the negative feedback, the instantness and the right approach from the emergence of a critical situation will allow to form a loyal client from an unsatisfied client. This direction is very important and requires urgent improvement, since most of the users of the mobile Internet make exact searches, to which the reviews are directly relevant.
  • Conducting channels in popular instant messengers such as: WhatsApp, Viber. Telegram. These channels can become one of the effective advertising platforms, which practically do not require any expenses, while the percentage of hits to the target customer is very high, since the number base (client) base can be filtered according to the necessary criteria.
  • Chat-bot in such application as Telegram can become an assistant when forming an online order for the delivery of goods.


Thus, for more effective promotion of the loyalty program “Amber Card” on the example of projects “Chudozhopazyn Russian Cuisine neither “Dobryanka” nor “Bakhetle” home grocery supermarket, trading companies should pay attention to the use of the following marketing tools:

-promotion in social networks and instant messengers in the form of information content motivating the entry of privileges into the program;

in the order zone of banners, coins, stickers, flyers with information about the current loyalty program, where the necessary element will be the QR code intended for instant download of the application;

-active advertising company on the Internet in the form of contextual advertising, as well as SEO-optimization to ensure that the site of the program “Amber Card” was the first line in search results;

-CMS-information containing information about the program and the availability of links for downloading the application;

– Involvement of opinion leaders (bloggers, popular personalities) on a local scale

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