Friday, May 24, 2019

30 applications, thanks to which Android-smartphone can replace the computer

Life Hacking

Install these programs on your phone, and you will practically not depend on the PC.

Most people use a computer for simple tasks: working with office documents, surfing the web, playing music and video. For all this, there are convenient mobile applications that allow at least partially to abandon the PC in favor of the smartphone.

Working with office documents

It’s not very convenient to write large texts from scratch on a smartphone, but editing of the finished materials is not very difficult.

1. Microsoft Word

Official mobile Word, adapted for touch input and small screens. It offers a wide range of tools for formatting text, the function of converting to PDF and extensive collaboration capabilities over documents.

Convenient tool for editing tables with all standard templates, diagrams, mathematical formulas and even the ability to create handwritten notes.

3. Polaris Office

A universal office suite that is compatible with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files. It offers all the tools you need, easy search by content and sharing for collaboration.

4. WPS Office

Another office suite that allows you to work with text, tables and presentations. The application provides encryption support, converts almost any documents to PDF format and can store paper data through the smartphone’s camera.

5. AndrOpen Office

Ported version of OpenOffice, which includes a text editor, tables, presentations, drawing and equation editor. The program is more familiar to the user of the PC interface, adapted for touch screens.

Image processing

Modern mobile photo editors can do almost anything: from simple framing to application of styles and masks.

6. Adobe Photoshop Express

Simplified Photoshop for mobile devices. He is imprisoned for quick photo editing and creation of collages. There are filters and traditional adjustments and favorite options for automatic image adjustment.

One of the most popular photo editors, combining a variety of tools and functions. Brics, masks, stickers, frames, emoji, filters and much more are available to users.

8. Snapseed

A photo editor from Google that allows you to work with both simple JPG images and RAW images. Among the tools is everything you need, including even brushes for point correction.

9. Pixlr

This editor, in addition to standard functions, will offer high-quality autotuning, the ability to overlay several photos and image styling under a pencil drawing or sketch paint.

10. VSCO

The best mobile filters, allowing you to transform even quite boring and not very successful shots. Standard functions for framing, changing perspectives and adjusting colors in the application are also available.

Working with files

file from the flash drive, unpack the archive, change the document extension – for all this, too, there are many convenient tools.

11. ES Explorer

One of the best file managers on Android. With it, you can easily move and copy any files and folders, work with ZIP and RAR archives, administer applications and not only. There are many functions and possibilities.

12. Total Commander

A mobile version of the well-known file manager, where you can work in two work areas at once. With the horizontal orientation of the device this is especially true.

13. Files Go

A more simple and intuitive application for moving, copying, deleting and searching for files. It supports encryption and can quickly clear the cache and remove excess garbage from the memory of the smartphone.

14. File Commander

Convenient file manager with support for FTP and the main cloud services for data storage. Directly inside the application, you can convert files and instantly transfer them in any possible way, including via Bluetooth.

15. ZArchiver

File manager with an emphasis on operations with archives. It allows creating and unpacking archives with a password, working with several volumes, opening archives from letters and even adding them with new files.

Memory Expansion

To ensure that the limited amount of built-in smartphone memory does not become a problem for you, use cloud storage that offers tens of gigabytes for free.

16. Google Drive

A convenient cloud service for storing and accessing files from any device. Users are given free 15 GB of memory. It is possible to work with the application in offline mode.

17. Yandex.Disk

Similar service from “Yandex”, which provides users with 10 GB. The application also works offline and allows you to quickly share files with your friends. For photo and video, you can download NL.

18. Microsoft OneDrive

5 GB of free space in the cloud from Microsoft. The service offers convenient integration with office applications, the ability to quickly create backup copies and easy search for all stored files.

An alternative service that provides each user with 10 GB of cloud storage. It is possible to quickly open office files, edit them with the help of partner applications and print.

20. Cloud Mail.Ru

Another cloud service that allows you to listen to music and watch video without having to download files to the device. Users are free of charge for 8 GB, while the amount of downloads is limited to 2 GB.

Web surfing

Finding the right information and files on the web using a smartphone can seem even more convenient than on a PC. The main thing is to find your browser.

21. Google Chrome

One of the best mobile browsers, which on most smartphones is preinstalled. It features a high speed of operation, a built-in translator, a traffic-saving function and support for voice control.

22. Yandex.Browser

A native browser that warns about dangerous sites and, if necessary, disables obscene banners. Any information on the web can be found by the built-in voice assistant “Alice”.

23. Firefox

An alternative browser with convenient tabs, advanced private mode and support for add-ons. The latter allows you to block ads, manage downloads, save and transfer passwords and much more.

24. Opera

A mobile browser with various design themes and practical night mode, making reading pages with lack of lighting more comfortable. The built-in translator, private mode and download manager are also present.

25. UC Browser

A browser from Chinese developers, supplemented by its own news feed and convenient search by video and TV shows. Directly in the application is available weather forecast with location, barcode scanner and other auxiliary services.

View video

With the increase in screens of modern smartphones, watching them makes video more convenient. There are no problems with formats and subtitles in applications for a long time.

26. MX Player

This is an omnivorous video player with support for various video formats, convenient gesture controls and many other useful functions. Not for nothing is it one of the most popular players for Android.

27. VLC

Less well-known, but no less than high-quality video player with built-in codecs. It will cope with any formats of local and streaming video, and also will adjust the movie to a non-standard aspect ratio.

28. KMPlayer

A handy player with the ability to output floating images on top of other applications, so you can watch videos without being distracted from other tasks. There is also a function for viewing video from the cloud storage without having to download it.

29. XPlayer

All-in-one video player with background playback function, adjusting the picture to the screen geometry and password protection for video clips. There is support for subtitles with the ability to select the desired file.

30. BSPlayer

A video player with hardware acceleration, support for multiple audio tracks and the ability to play video directly from cloud services.

Listening to music

Even if your the smartphone does not have a good sound, connecting an external speaker and installing a player with a high-quality equalizer can well fix the situation.