Friday, May 24, 2019

Review of Razor Turbo Jetts – electro-rollers that are easy to carry

Life Hacking

The Layfhaker editorial team is testing new Razor electric cars – a compact city transport with electric drive.

How the Razor Turbo Jetts work

Turbo Jetts by Razor are not roller skates, but special “heels” that can be worn on any shoes. Have you ever seen children in sneakers with wheels? It’s about the same thing, only with a built-in motor.

 Turbo Jetts by Razor

Electrolics are worn in a few seconds. You need to put stops on the platform, and then tighten with straps.
To start the movement, you need to press the power button on the power-driven roller, set the impulse, pushing away from the ground, and raise the socks up. The motor starts smoothly, no jerks when speed dialing and braking will not. Speed ​​can be adjusted by changing the slope of the foot.
To confidently ride the Turbo Jetts, you need skill and a little practice. Those who ride well on classic roller skates, it will be easier. In case of loss of balance or before a bumpy one can simply drop the sock and go to step. Comes with rubber lining so you do not have to brake with the plastic part of the case.



One of the main advantages of Turbo Jetts is mobility. They are placed in a backpack, weigh a little more than 2 kg, and the battery is easy to take off and put on charge.

Terms of use

The rollers are universal: they can be rolled both by an adult and a child. The main thing is that the size of his shoes should be at least 25 and not more than 46. The Razor instruction states that Turbo Jetts should ride children over nine years old, but this is only a recommendation. If your child is younger and feels confident on the rollers, Turbo Jetts will suit him. The same applies to the 80 kg limit for the passenger: the rollers can withstand those who are 5-10 kg heavier.

Power and speed

The 80-watt motor can reach speeds of up to 16 km / h. If you are familiar with electric bicycles and scooters, it may seem that 16 km / h is not enough. But not in the case of rollers. The smaller the wheels, the more difficult it is to drive when driving fast. When you stand on them, they will not seem slow. And the speed limit is made for safety and comfort.

Assembly and materials

Fast and smooth bearings and 50 mm polyurethane wheels are responsible for the movement. All parts look good and reliable, they do not lyuftyat and do not hang out.


Batteries last for half an hour of uninterrupted driving. Indicators of autonomy are modest, but if you alternate walking and skating, you can spend several hours on the Turbo Jetts. The Turbo Jetts battery has been certified with the UL2271 battery, which means that it is safe and the rollers can be transported by plane.

Personal experience

We presented Turbo Jetts to our author Ie and asked for a test drive. She got up on electric cars for the first time.
This is an interesting experience. Unlike regular rollers, skateboard and scooter you do not rely on the entire foot, but only on the heel. At first it is confusing: it’s difficult to understand where to tilt the body and whether to bend your knees to keep your balance. After a while you get used to it, start boldly pushing away from the ground and gaining speed, and for braking you simply lower your socks to the ground and stop immediately.

Cons: you can not just get up and go, you need to learn and get used to it.

Pros: You can go fast and do not strain too much, instantly brake.

Why is it worth to pay attention to Razor Turbo Jetts

  • They are easy to carry . Electro-cars will not become a problem in public transport like bicycles: they weigh several times less than the most compact scooters and conventional roller skates.
  • This is a simple and safe transport . Turbo Jetts do not require careful study of instructions. They can be got from the box, quickly recharged, put on and immediately try to ride. And the versatility and low speed limit will be a plus for those who are afraid to give the child a scooter or a bicycle because of the risk of injury. But the first steps still need to be done in defense on the elbows and knees.
  • They are perfect for walking . Like any commercials, Turbo Jetts are not designed for off-road driving, broken asphalt, sand or gravel. This is simply impossible due to the diameter and thickness of the wheels. But they are good at skating along the paths in the park and sidewalks.
  • Razor is a famous American brand with an 18-year history. It is one of the leaders in the market of compact urban transport, known for its scooters.