Friday, May 24, 2019

How to use Microsoft Edge to read e-books

Life Hacking

On Windows, the choice of readers is not very rich, so a standard browser will help out.

Generally Microsoft Edge is a browser. But its capabilities in this area do not go to any comparison with competitors, so few people use it for surfing. However, Edge is very good as a reader.

Now the program can open books in ePub and PDF formats. However, these are the most common formats of electronic books, so we have enough.

When opening a PDF file, you can select its scale and display mode: as one or two adjacent pages . To do this, there is a pop-up toolbar that appears after clicking on the page. There are also buttons for viewing the table of contents of the book, printing a page, or starting the voice acting through a voice synthesizer.

When opening books in the ePub format, there are more possibilities. First of all, this concerns the settings for the appearance of the page, which include several background colors and different fonts. If you want, you can also change the size of the letters and the interval between them.

When you select text, a special panel appears that contains the tools for underlining, highlighting with different colors, creating notes. The notes and bookmarks you make are saved in a special section, which you can open using the button on the top toolbar. The program remembers the progress of reading for each file, so you do not need to flip through the book every time you search for the right place.

Of course, the above functions are hard to surprise experienced readers: for Android applications and iOS, such features are common. But an adequate program for reading books on laptops and tablets on Windows still needs to be looked for.

However, we always have a Microsoft Edge browser at hand, which easily copes with such work. We recommend you to use it as such.