The forecast of the bitcoin course 18-06-2018

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Greetings on the “Cloud Mining” blog, with you Victor Tomilin.

I continue a weekly heading for the forecast of the bitcoin course. We got acquainted with several services, see their graphs and comments, against which we are trying to make a prediction ourselves.

Today we will again visit the service for traders and go to the TOP trader’s page TomProTrader His forecast can be understood from the screenshot: two lines of resistance 6,300 and 6,700. In this corridor there will be a course, and the average weekly will be 6,500.

You can write your opinion after registration. And on our cloudy mining forum there is such a topic, on the crypto-currency forum where you can offer your version; more than 3,200 people are already there join.

My forecast for this month

I, like most readers of the blog, would like to see the growth rate of bitcoin (therefore I put my forecast for growth)

  • on June 4 2018: $ 8,000 for 1BTC for 1BTC for 1BTC (course 6,800)
  • on the 18th of June in 2018 : $ 6,000 for 1BTC

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