Profitability of mining Bitklab, 01-07-2018

Cloudy Mining

Hello on the blog “ Cloud mining “, with you Victor Tomilin.

Many of you are interested in the real yield or payback of the invested money. See weekly heading on the profitability of Bitclub Mining, BitClub. Here are screenshots from the partners’ offices of the pool at a cost of $ 500.

Mining Pool # 1, $ 500 (+ $ 100) : The loss

  • Mining brought in a day 0.00003432 btc .
  • at the rate of (6,700) is 0.23 dollars a day
  • the pool works 1000 days, the price of 500 + 100 = $ 600 .
  • the total payback in dollars is 0.23 * 1000 = $ 230 .
  • it makes no sense to consider the loss percentage, since the volume of production decreases daily, starting from the new year 2018.

I can not understand the reason for the decline in our mining, general production schedule from the service blockchain – Bitclub keeps its 1-2% permanently; here is the screen:

And if just loss it’s been more than a month now for the withdrawal of money:

IMPORTANT: Payment with internal wallets system is temporarily disabled, we integrate it with CoinPay IMPORTANT: The payment with the internal purse system is temporarily disabled, and we integrate it with CoinPay. we will include it.

Question: when?

The result

Today, making money in Bitclab is loss . Such a situation is now in the entire sector of cloud mining of bitcoin (at least familiar to me).

It makes no sense to look for profits in cheap pools and hashes; Only large volumes of prey can now be profitable.

Remember advice of our blog : consider cloud mining as another option for acquiring crypto currency.

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