The virus for extortion from Bitcoin-purses has earned millions of dollars


We have repeatedly talked about the crypto currency, for which the future is in secure online calculations. But the future seems to be no longer rosy: users of Windows-based devices that store their money not in a savings bank but in bitcoins have recently faced a new virus.

It’s called CryptoLocker and has already infected over 250,000 computers, according to research from Dell SecureWorks. After infection, all data on the PC, including the contents of all cloud disks, boxes or storage, are encrypted with a strong certified Microsoft-key based on CryptoAPI, and access to them is completely lost. Worst of all, over the local network, encryption is transferred to other network drives and storage, and you can stop the process only if you forcefully disconnect the device from the local network (ie remove the cable or turn off the power).

Unlike previous viruses of the same type, CryptoLocker is part of the scheme for extorting bitcoins. to pay the equivalent of $ 15000 in bitcoins within 72 hours in exchange for renewing access to files, otherwise the price for unlocking increases.

It is now reported that the creators of CryptoLocker have already earned several million dollars as a result of using this scheme. One of the authors of ZDNet Violet Blue claims to track 41,928 BTC in payments for CryptoLocker wallets between October 15 and December 18, 2017.

Despite the efforts of anti-virus and cryptographic firms, no one has been able to crack the source code and understand , how CryptoLocker works. Law enforcers also have not yet managed to reach the track of the creators of the virus and track the exact addresses of the servers from which the launch is taking place. Servers that control the launch of malicious software are located somewhere in Russia (!) And Eastern Europe, while the victims are mostly in the US and English-speaking countries.

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