Goldman Sachs is considering expanding the crypto currency offer



Investment bank Goldman Sachs is increasingly considering the possibility of launching operations with crypto-currencies .In a conversation with Bloomberg, the operating director David Solomon said that his company is conducting discussions at the internal level about creation of full-fledged services for working with crypto-currencies in response to customer demand.

“We are engaged in clearing bitcoine futures and discuss other related activities, but we approach it with great care,” he said. “We listen to our customers and We are helping them, while they are discovering these things for themselves. “

Goldman Sachs was one of the first banks to clear the bitcoin futures after they launched in December of last year .However, apart from indirect participation in the trade of crypto-currencies through its investment in the start-up Circle, the company avoided deeper entry into the ecosystem.

According to Solomon, Goldman Sachs should “transform his business and adapt it to the conditions of the environment “, before you can talk about

Last month, the bank confirmed that it would open a department for trading bitcoin, despite the fact that earlier its CEO Lloyd Blankfein had spoken about crypto-currencies in rather low-key terms.

Initially the firm will offer customers the type of a bitcoin futures contract or the so-called non-deliverable forward. The bank also said that it can start working with regulators to launch futures trading, which will be performed in bitcoins rather than in fiates, as is currently done.

Solomon did not say what other products can be prepared for customers by the bank , but the activity of competing firms in this space suggests that one of the first services of this kind may be a solution for storing crypto-currency.

It is noteworthy that Solomon is called the future successor of Blankfein, who, no, he is preparing to leave his post at the end of the year. Blankfein had previously denied these reports, but he also called incorrect information about the possible launching of the department for trading crypto-currencies in his company.

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