Max Kaiser: The bitcoin rate should grow following the network hashrate


The famous show host The Keizer Report and former trader, Max Kaiser, wrote on Twitter that “the price follows a hasht” and that he “has been saying this since bitcoin costed only $ 3.”

“New equipment for mining is constantly being added to the network,” he writes, without specifying when the bitcoin price “Will catch up with a hasht.”

Hashreit, it seems, is not the only indicator of the bitcoin network that can point to its bright future. According to the Bitcoinist edition, transaction commissions and the size of the memory pool are now optimized in part thanks to SegWit, the update of bitcoin software that reduces commissions and accelerates transactions. Earlier it was also reported that SegWit is used in almost half of all transactions.

The price of the main crypto currency should also benefit from the introduction of the Lightning Network, a second-tier solution that offers instant and cheap transactions. Since the beginning of this project, the number of active LN nodes has significantly exceeded the number of fork nodes of BCash.

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