Friday, May 24, 2019

Free App and Discount App Store June 2

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Do not miss out on the most interesting promotions for apps for your iPhone, iPad and Mac. Only the best for this day!

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iOS Applications


A functional task manager with a modern design and thoughtful interface. Focus features flexible settings that allow you to specify many attributes of each task, as well as convenient gesture control.

Focus – tasks, projects, notes
Developer: Hamad Fouad

Melody Composer Squared

A very unusual application that turns geometric shapes into music. Do not ask how. Just draw any geometric shape in the application window, and it will write a melody corresponding to what you drew. And in the application there is a selection of the most famous melodies in the form of geometric figures.

Melody Composer Squared
Developer: Pavlo Karnaukhov

After Frame 365

A simple and intuitive photo editing application. In it, you can move, scale or rotate your images, and add filters and beautiful effects to each photo.

After Frame 365
Developer: PSDC Creative Inc.

Games for iOS

Dr. Panda Farm

You are a panda with your own farm. This happens often, right? You have to do a farm routine: grow wheat and bake bread, feed chickens, milk cows and collect vegetables, and then sell your products on the market.

Dr. Panda: Farm
Developer: Dr. Panda Ltd
Price: 229 ₽ Free

Mac Applications

Cornerstone 3

An advanced project manager for programmers, web developers and other people working with code. The application contains built-in version control, the ability to view changes in code using the timeline, the preview function and the intelligent organization of project files.

Cornerstone 3
Developer: Assembla, Inc.