NEM explained the meaning of their logo



Last time NEM (XEM) holds meetings and launches newsgroups in different countries, so the coin seeks to promote itself among users, writes Ambcrypto.

NEM is now quite high: recently XEM was added to CoinDeal, Bithumb also included a coin in the listing.The publications on Indian BuyUcoin and the Hong Kong Coinsuper show that NEM quickly conquers the Asian stock market.

Today in their tweet, NEM decided to explain the meaning of their logo.

 One Twitter user noted:

” It’s very interesting that the logo has a real meaning. “

The NEM logo consists of three colors: yellow, blue and green.

Space in the center means decentralization, three small circles represent equality of opportunity. Yellow means energy and innovation, blue represents “stability and trust”, and green means “finance and development.” Their uniform dimensions show the equivalence and importance in the NEM ecosystem.

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