List of calculators for mining 2018

Cloudy Mining

Mining Calculator is used to calculate the profitability of bitcoin mining, Bitcoin. The estimated income depends on many factors, the main ones are listed below in the article, they need to be entered for calculator calculations.

That is. you can find out the possible income before buying equipment. But of course, precise calculations can not be just because no one knows the rate of bitcoins to the dollar tomorrow, especially in a year. Therefore, in the calculations we introduce a course, which in our opinion will be in a year.

A list of over hundreds of similar calculators is available on this page: Cryptocurrency Mining Calculators. Choose any, but it’s best to check on several of the list; this calculation will be more independent.

Enter your Hash Rate (the amount of power used in GH / s), along with the power consumption Power (Watts) and the cost of electricity Power Cost ($ / kWh) . The current difficulty of bitcoin mining Bitcoin Difficulty the bitokoyn remuneration of the block Block Reward and the bitocone price Bitcoin to Dollar (USD) – calculate the profitability of bitcoin mining will be entered automatically .

I hope you remember our advice, and you will consider mining not as a way of earning, but as another variant of acquiring crypto-currency .

Good luck in your mining!

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