Service for kraudfandinga from WebMoney began to take bitcoins


The WebMoney payment system has added the possibility of receiving bitcoins into its Funding service, aimed at raising funds for various projects, organizing events and collective purchases. About this were reported by the company’s representatives.

The funds are credited to the X-purse at the rate at which 1 BTC is 1000 WMX. Exchange WMX to WMR (ruble purse) or WMZ (dollar purse) is carried out at the current exchange rate in WebMoney Keeper or on the WebMoney exchange, the company explained. By 18:05 Moscow time, 1000 WMX were 50227 rubles (WMR), or $ 769.9 (WMZ).The bitcoin reception function is available to all project authors. They can also install the corresponding widget on their site. Representatives of WebMoney noted that the option is popular mainly among the creators of projects from the closed sections “Charity” and “Request for help”, which are accessible only by links from the authors themselves.

 The form of a payment widget with a function of paying bitcoins

At the beginning of September 2016, WebMoney included support for the payment of goods and services by bitcoins. The function is available to stores connected to the WebMoney Transfer system and operates in the same way: partners need to get an X-purse, and bitcoin exchange operations are fixed in the public database

WebMoney launched the Funding platform in November 2014. With its help, you can raise funds for charity, as well as for collective purchases and organization of events.

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